I am a Russian-American visual artist currently based in Boston, US. My primary interest belongs to felting. I work with wool, silk, and other fibers that can bond with wool during the felting process. Wool is an excellent natural fiber with a fantastic tactile feature. Wool gives me infinite possibilities to create garments, accessories, home d├ęcor, wool jewelry, figures, paintings, wall hangings, and 3D objects. I learned felting techniques through workshops and masterclasses from well-known felt artists from Russia, Europe, and North America.

Making jewelry with Swarovski crystals, Murano glass, and gemstones is another area of my creative journey. I specialize in Boho and Victorian-style jewelry.

Being a non-stop seeker of new horizons in creativity, I have recently begun to learn art doll making.

I cooperate with art galleries in Massachusetts:

Etsy shops:

Member of the Northeast Feltmakers Guild (NEFG)
Member of International Feltmakers Association (IFA)
Member of Needham and Newton Art Associations
Member of Needham Open Studios (NOS)


  • Online and onsite exhibitions via NEFG, IFA, and local art associations
  • Felted Stained Glass Exhibition at The Pearse Museum, Dublin, Ireland (April 21- June 26, 2022)